Anarchy or Democracy?

In February 2017 Dior’s revolutionary ”New Look” turns seventy. A lot has changed since then, starting from the structure of fashion system and ending by the fundamental values of sustainability. Haute couture has left its luxury throne and moved over to the art section. Anti-fashion has become a new fashion direction, where both genders, all styles and movements can fearlessly be mixed with each other, creating new styles and give rise to a few inspiration sources. There is complete rejection of any signs of hierarchy, where The Birkin bag coexists with H&M’s lace dress, Rolex watch is a friend with Dr Martens.

Dior & I

Dior & I

The Fashion Houses are not dictating there rules to the same extent as they did before. Anarchy or Democracy? It is hard to say but oneself is definitely having the leading part in that play. The freedom of choice is huge, what also creates a burden within itself, when you do not no anymore whether you should wear tuxedo with slip-in shoes or a top hat with morning gown. What I am very certain about is that we are creating a new fashion history page of post-post-modern society. Let’s do it with style!

About TheStyleFibula

I am a lawyer, who all of a sudden has become a fashion and marketing student at Stockholm Business School. This is my free space, where I let my inner inspiration create a symbiosis with a genuine passion for art, scientific curiosity for fashion and profound interest in the anthropology of style.

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