Hidden and Visible

What do a child’s brain and fashion have in common? In my view, both are looking for newness by letting creativity and curiosity swinging around in a valse.

An 🍎. 3D-collage

According to Paul Klee children have artistic ability, and the more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples they furnish us. Children see the hidden and make it visible like fashion brings social phenomena to the light and make them talk through the garments.

A valse. Painting in watercolours

The first one is pure and free from corruption, while the other one is depraved and mercantile. However, both are mercilessly naive in their struggle to provoke and widen the horizons.

Anna, Frozen.Pearl plate

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I am a lawyer, who all of a sudden has become a fashion and marketing student at Stockholm Business School. This is my free space, where I let my inner inspiration create a symbiosis with a genuine passion for art, scientific curiosity for fashion and profound interest in the anthropology of style.

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