The AI assistance, which once started with telling us the weather and timing our eggs while they cook, is now breaking into our linguistic zone. Soon we could be able to communicate in every language on Earth with certain limitations found in Esperanto. In past 18 months Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have seriously advanced their hard and software by integrating translators into those. Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, you name it… Owing to rapid technological advances, software can now achieve real-time translation through speech recognition, speech synthesis, neural networks, and machine translation.

The world with its 250 million migrants residing outside their birth country – according to a recent Pew Research Study – is also changing rapidly. Therefore, fashion with its visual ephemeral content might more than ever before become an important “interpreter” of the social context, helping people no matter their linguistic aptitude connect with the local communities. The picture of the modern marketing with its persuasive communication will have to abandon their established rhetoric with encodes and decodes, letting visual context to displace the textual one.

Emoji has already become a new global language, helping to reproduce in the digital environment almost all the characteristics of human communication in the real world, according to Vyvyan Evans, an expert in communication and cognitive linguistics and author of The Emoji Code. Do we feel exactly the same sending each other and receiving hearts, flowers, a piece of cake or a fish?

Speaking from the philosophical perspective of language, which investigates the relationship between human thought, understanding of the latter and the reality, it would be interesting to observe whether that relationship will at all be upheld within the context of AI instant translators and then how it will change the human perception of the reality and the community, which the person belongs to.

Project of Engineer Strong, Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929

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