Intellectual Art of Fashion

Marie Medici's collar

Marie Medici’s collar

Fashion today is not merely about latest trends and skinny models. Its physiognomy has changed by becoming more and more intellectual, where such issues as sustainability and consumerism are in focus. Understanding of the system behind the phenomenon of fashion has all of a sudden become a part of general knowledge and common sense. It is not any more about what to buy and where but how. We are looking for a quality which would correspond the price and at the same time satisfy our aesthetic needs. Fashion is slowly but very confidently moving from the field of financial capital towards the cultural capital field.

Acne Studios creates intellectual accessories

Acne Studios creates intellectual accessories

Thus, in order to make a good choice we first of all need to know a bit about different materials and their peculiarities. For the second we need to have a bit of financial analytical skills – a slight perception about market prices to feel whether the particular garment is within the price range we think it belong to. Generally we know for example that Gucci is expensive and Zara is affordable. Then we should take into consideration caring instructions etc.

Vintage is always mysterious;)

Vintage is always mysterious;)

Finally the aesthetic part of it is the crucial issue – here you become an artist whether you like it or not. You buy a garment and integrate it into an outfit you later be wearing and thus be demonstrating your knowledge about the area. Like an artist standing next to his/her artworks during the vernissage, you daily have to stand for your choice. However, in order to improve the skills an artist practices daily. Picasso would spent fourteen hours a day at his studio while painting Guernica. Art is a lot about knowledge and practice and it is exactly the same with choosing right fashion for own wardrobe. A new Enlightment era has begun within fashion industry, where all the styles and movements have right to exist and have an own voice. You mix and match. It is about intellectual personification of fashion within your own life sphere. Logomania is a mauvais ton today, while intellectual creativity is the new comme il faut.

Back to the 90's

Back to the 90’s

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