Intertextuality of Architecture, Style, Fashion and People

Swedbank, The Headquaters, Sundbyberg Sweden. 2018

A human and architecture, Sundbyberg, Sweden. 2018

Le Corbusier said once, “Style is like a feather in a woman’s hat, nothing more.” When it comes to architecture he described it as “the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light”. Architecture is in general hard to define, according to the American architecture and writer Witold Rubczynski.

Have you ever thought about the absence of people in architectural photographs depicted in books or magazines? Nevertheless, it seems to have some effect. Before the modern times, the proportions and dimensions of buildings were practically based on the human body. Besides the philosophical reasons behind this interplay, it also indicated a direct relationship between architecture and people. Look at any classical building and you might suddenly feel comfortable.

Thus, by distancing people from buildings, architectural photography creates a possibility to regard architecture as an abstraction, unrelated to humans. However, today fashion seems to a high extend to be inspired by the brutal style of the modern architecture. The style in such context can be considered the language of architecture, while fashion could be interpreted as cultural currents that shape and direct that language. Nothing is immune to fashion, nor to architecture, bringing lines and curves, interpreted into a garment, back to the human body, and whereby creating a magnificent interrelationship.

Architecture in Västerås Sweden. 2018

Artipelag museum, Stockholm. 2018

Old City of Bergen, Norway. 2018

Røros, Norway. 2018

Noemie Goudal, 2018

Noemie Goudal, 2018

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