Magic of Tidying Up

Since I let my creative side pull up the curtain and appear on the stage of my life, dealing with the question of organizing the space of my apartment became an issue. To discard is a problem that does not concern clothes in particular but also my daughter’s toys and drawings from previous years. Furthermore, I collect fashion magazines for my collages.

An old American coffer from Bukowskis Market is currently a storage for fashion magazines - material for collages.

An old American coffer from Bukowskis Market is currently a storage for the fashion magazines – material for collages.

I really try hard to give away some clothes but the space is immediately taken over by new purchases and usually it is a new desirable contribution to my fashion library. Today my library contains around 108 books and this is the mere beginning as I am very curious person in the field.

A sneak peak of the library

A sneak peak of the fashion library

Thus the problem of limited space is apparent. However, I believe that there is still potential on my 80 square metres for the reasonable coexistence of clothes, books, old fashion magazines and truly precious things that I do not use but feel really good (read safe) knowing I possess those.

Therefore, as a first step towards a reasonable solution, I finally purchased Marie Kondo’s little treaty on magic of tidying up, decluttering and organizing. One more piece to my book collection 🙂 I do not believe in magic but in the voice of reason.

Magic of tidying up;)

Magic of tidying up;)

Skimming through the book, I found so called LCD (least common denominator) for myself, which I believe is the LCD for Marie Kondo’s method as such. As I unavoidably have to get rid of some things, the criterion for identifying what is “truly precious” should be a thrill of pleasure as soon as I am holding a certain item. If it takes a few minutes to think, then the item should disappear out of my living space.

Surprisingly enough, I realised that this is exactly the method I have sometimes applied, although subconsciously. Another rule I use, when I recall the latter does actually exist, is one thing in means one should be out.

I think of my grandparents, who have hardly thrown away a thing during their life time and have not purchased things chaotically but only things they really needed. They usually say “I need or we need”, what literally means there is a need, for example for a pair of new shoes because the old ones fell apart. When I make decisions concerning shopping, usually the words “I want” flies off the tongue.

Apparently, we do overconsume, because we have to throw things away to release some square metres. I think we have different system of values in comparison to our predecessors, different economic and political presumptions – a different world. We always look forward, while they used to look back and learn from the past. The need to belong to a group and distinguish yourself as an individual has always been there but in the world of mass media the task becomes almost impossible. Everyone struggles to accomplish it in his or her own way, finally falling into the main stream. Today we can almost directly tell where a certain garment comes from as we already seen it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. There is no mystery left.

Collection of ties in my possession:) All are second hand and thus with own story each ;)

Collection of ties in my possession:) All are second hand and thus with own story each 😉


Hunting the future, we do not have time to glance back to our memories, which anchor us to the reality and give us a feeling of life. Summarizingly, tidying up is a good thing to perform but it becomes magic when the starting point is our own mind.

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