The “Open Space” of Style

Office dress codes have gone through a certain change recently, following the development of the street style accompanied by sportswear in the aesthetics of fashion. The appearance of new work/home lifestyle has also contributed to the transformation. However, the tailoring is slowly coming back, compromising the average quality of the fast fashion concept and teaching people to appreciate a garment for its genuine architecture provided by a proper pattern making.

A tailored silhouette of the 1990s, which is still considered to be an integral part of the business style, will now be replaced by a hybrid of the broad-shouldered silhouettes worn by Griffith in Working Girl or the ladies of Dallas and Dynasty, and the dystopian reality with its apocalyptic authenticity of Blade Runner 2049 created by costume designer Renée April. In other words we will still be contemplating an unequal marriage of the classic Chanel jacket and sweatpants, giving the multi-purposed and androgynous style called Athleisure a new social status. Thus, the creative platform for styles and forms becomes endless like the universe, challenging the fashion system with its trends and tendencies – now we are out in the “open space”.

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