Unfinished Portrait by Pablo Picasso

By TheStyleFibula | 10 Nov 2017

Pablo Picasso was one of the pioneers in the modernist revolution of portraiture, which is called “portrait situation”, engaging the psychological interest of the artist for the subject (the model). Pablo Picasso’s approach to portraiture is similar to an analysis where the psychological dynamics, translating the artist’s feelings and experience, is the key. Picasso phrased…

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Futuristic Odyssey of Smart Fashion

By TheStyleFibula | 08 Nov 2017

Who of us today remember the new futuristic story “Things to Come” (1936) directed by William Cameron Menzies, displaying “social and political forces and possibilities”? Well, we can at least recall “A Space Odyssey”, which is an epic science-fiction story first told in 1968 and in 2001 produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick . In…

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A Three-Piece Suit for Vladimir Lenin

By TheStyleFibula | 07 Nov 2017

One hundred years ago today (October 25 according to the old calendar), the October Revolution led by the Bolshevik party headed by Russian emigré Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin forever changed the history of Russia. On that day Petrograd was suffering a stormy weather. In the morning at 10 am Lenin, wearing a three-piece suit, was writing his…

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Commodification of Counterculture in Fashion Advertising

By TheStyleFibula | 06 Nov 2017

The year was 1976, when the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen went to number one and despite that fact, the band was refused air time by the BBC. Meanwhile, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, who were dressing the band, reopened their famous shop Let it Rock at 430 King Road offering transformed straps and zips…

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“Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams.”

By TheStyleFibula | 03 Nov 2017

In 1898, when the Ritz Hotel in Paris first opened its doors to a “glittering reception”, caviar with champagne came very soon to be one of the signatures of the bar menu. Indeed, caviar is associated with something luxury, exquisite and extravagant at the same time. What is caviar? The term caviar (sometimes called Russian…

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Experience Economy Creates A New Fashion Leader – The Consumer

By TheStyleFibula | 01 Nov 2017

Experience economy gives rise to a new consumer, who does not only acquire a product but, as a part of shopping experience, adds a personal touch to the latter, taking a leading role in the trend-setting process and removing the borders between luxury and fast fashion. Such scenario creates a contradictory relationship between consumption and…

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From “Minister of Fashion” to Stylist

By TheStyleFibula | 18 Oct 2017

Fashion today has turned into a vivid carnival of colours, cuts and styles, where individuals are supposed to find their own personal voice. For some of us identifying personal “style” is an amusement but for others it is quite a challenge. According to Oxford English Dictionary the word style inter alia means a distinctive appearance,…

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Hidden and Visible

By TheStyleFibula | 26 Sep 2017

What do a child’s brain and fashion have in common? In my view, both are looking for newness by letting creativity and curiosity swinging around in a valse. According to Paul Klee children have artistic ability, and the more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples they furnish us. Children see the hidden…

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Thoughts & Cuts

By TheStyleFibula | 25 Sep 2017

Do we really know what we want, especially today when all the rules and dress codes seem to be more or less mixed up or abandoned? Fashion today requires certain knowledge to navigate within its borders, doesn’t it?

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