English Father of French Fashion

By TheStyleFibula | 25 Nov 2016

The fashion system in its classical appearance with the designer at the forefront, as it still exists now, started from an Englishman by the name Charles Frederick Worth. He made his name and his fortune in the 1850s at the court of Napoleon III of France by designing the gowns for Princess Pauline Mettrnich and…

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Fashion Crisis In Politics or Political Crisis in Fashion?

By TheStyleFibula | 24 Nov 2016

Politics is a matter exercised on a wide range of social levels, so is fashion, which constitutes a part of and reflects each country’s political atmosphere. What is going on in the USA today is a clear proof of it. The open letter of Sophie Theallet has suddenly created an inconvenient situation, which makes many…

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Man’s place in God’s universe

By TheStyleFibula | 23 Nov 2016

The hypothesis that the origin of clothing lies in adornment derives from the ideas of Enlightenment and evolutionary theory of change. The intellectual revolution that took place in the eighteenth century was called the Enlightenment, or Age of Reason, because it rejected religion as the theoretical framework for explaining social and natural phenomena. Enlightenment scholars invoked…

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Luxurious Sustainability

By TheStyleFibula | 21 Nov 2016

These days, when fast fashion has become speed-blinded in its endless attempts to meet our desires and exceed the selling numbers of the previous quarter, we finally raise the issue of sustainability. Thus we start realising how much we need to understand about our consumption and learn about all its effects on our planet. What…

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Anarchy or Democracy?

By TheStyleFibula | 20 Nov 2016

In February 2017 Dior’s revolutionary ”New Look” turns seventy. A lot has changed since then, starting from the structure of fashion system and ending by the fundamental values of sustainability. Haute couture has left its luxury throne and moved over to the art section. Anti-fashion has become a new fashion direction, where both genders, all…

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Out of The Pencil of Babes

By TheStyleFibula | 10 Nov 2016

My almost seven-year-old dotter loves drawing. She draws animals, princesses and trees but always with a great sense for details. This time she has drawn a model wearing fashion trends and I love the colour combination. It also shows how much we are influenced by fashion in our daily life. The little lady might have…

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Intellectual Art of Fashion

By TheStyleFibula | 09 Nov 2016

Fashion today is not merely about latest trends and skinny models. Its physiognomy has changed by becoming more and more intellectual, where such issues as sustainability and consumerism are in focus. Understanding of the system behind the phenomenon of fashion has all of a sudden become a part of general knowledge and common sense. It…

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Jacqueline Kennedy – A Look of Exquisitely Simple Elegance

By TheStyleFibula | 29 Jul 2016

Yesterday Jacqueline (Bouvier) Kennedy would have celebrated her 87’s birthday. “The Jackie Look” eternalized in timeless fashion photographs is still inspiring and iconic. Meanwhile the name behind that sophisticated and laconic style is Oleg Cassini (11.04.1913, Paris – 17.03.2006, New York). Aristocrat, with excellent sense of style, inherited from Italian mother, and great dignity acquired…

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From Tennis Hall to Street Style

By TheStyleFibula | 28 Jul 2016

Born in the era of “space-age” the three-stripe tracksuit by Adidas has anew become a trend, however this time of an uppe fashion crust. The history of brand and its three-stripe design contains a family feuding, an element of Finnish creativity and an international list of law suits. More on this issue will come in a separate post dedicated…

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