Mysterious Luxury of Maison Goyard

By TheStyleFibula | 20 Apr 2016

Merely few years before Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854, a 17-year old François Goyard started his carrier as an apprentice at the House of Martin, specializing in box-making, trunk-making and packing, founded in 1792 and located on 233 rue Saint-Honoré since 1834. Less than ten years later, in 1852, the House would…

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Dare to wear a hat!

By TheStyleFibula | 19 Apr 2016

Do not know what to wear? Wear a hat!? You have nothing to lose but your head?? There is a hat to suit every head.? Just make sure your hat fits as a hat should be comfortable. Did you know that Princess Grace’s choice of hats often made headlines? However, some palace insiders thought that…

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Mixing a style

By TheStyleFibula | 18 Apr 2016

The secret to style is often in unexpected – a hint of outrageous colour and a mix of fabrics.?

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“1002d Night” by Paul Poiret

By TheStyleFibula | 18 Apr 2016

Without doubt, Paul Poiret (1879-1944) with his modernity which left a great impact on the epoch of modernism, more than deserves to bear the title “The King of Fashion”. His innovations would create a long list of thrilling transformations starting with the controversial komono with uncorseted design and rounding up by the “Salon d’Antin”. However,…

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Art by Art

By TheStyleFibula | 16 Apr 2016

The core of collage is subversion of images’ original context by pasting them into a new one✂️

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Puzzling together an outfit

By TheStyleFibula | 15 Apr 2016

Putting together an outfit is like making a puzzle, where all the pieces should end up in the right place in order to create the perfect combination. However, while you making a puzzle you already know what details you are looking for as the result is usually illustrated on the box. While you combining an outfit, you have the “gut”-feeling to rely on…

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Springtime lore of daffodils

By TheStyleFibula | 14 Apr 2016

Spring is an inspiring time of the year, when nature awakens, and so does one’s own wardrobe. All of a sudden you start seeing your well-acquainted garments in a new light, what also gives rise to new combinations and style experiments. Just be courageous…

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A Story of Pajamas – From Russia to Palazzo Pitti

By TheStyleFibula | 13 Apr 2016

Wearing pajamas suit in public is not any recent fashion innovation but a certain classic style that always stays chic in a right place at a right time.   In January 1960, during one of the fashion shows presented for the eyes of great society at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the “palazzo pajamas” saw…

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Fashion & Neomania

By TheStyleFibula | 15 Mar 2016

Since the mere beginning in XIVth century the social phenomenon called FASHION has never stopped fascinating us with its ephemerity. The more we learn about history of fashion, the more unconventional, changeable and inconstant we desire to become in fashion. Is that constant search and desire for something new, eccentric, fascinating and inspiring – NEOMANIA…

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