‘Responsible Luxury’

By TheStyleFibula | 15 Nov 2018

‘Fair Trade’ within the context of fashion, where an emancipation of the ethical consumer “shopping for a better world”, is not always transparent and apprehensible due to difficulties to find a strategy for making the whole production chain ethically secured. Such development might make it difficult for the ethical-oriented consumer, who wants to purchase a…

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“I scream for you”

By TheStyleFibula | 13 Nov 2018

Today I have some short notice on product communication and post modern message style. By depicting a surgery white Spartan but meticulously decorated room, accommodating an old women being force-fed with ice cream by a robot, Mike Dahlquist, also known as “Mike Diva”, introduces consumer his new commercial for Halo Top Ice Cream. This oppressive…

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How do we know when luxury is luxury?

By TheStyleFibula | 11 Nov 2018

The philosophy of luxury is built upon a theory that all human beings live in a world that is created by them and in which they find meaning in sumptuous enjoyment. However, what human beings regard as luxury varies through time and space, economic, social and cultural contexts. It is about constant renegotiation in accordance…

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Interdisciplinary Gymnastics of Chess

By TheStyleFibula | 10 Nov 2018

Chess is the game that is believed to be developed from the Indian game Chaturanga around 600 AD. Chess grandmaster and former World Champion Anatoly Karpov considers chess to be everything: art, science and sport. Furthermore, the intersection of chess, art and fashion has a number of times been a great source of inspiration for…

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AI Walks You Out of Your Privacy

By TheStyleFibula | 08 Nov 2018

The gait is not a catwalk privilege anymore but a controversial privacy breaker, helping artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and thus to control you. Chinese authorities have started using a new surveillance tool: “gait recognition” software which uses people’s body shapes and the way they walk in order to identify them. According to Huang Yongzhen,…

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Intertextuality of Architecture, Style, Fashion and People

By TheStyleFibula | 07 Nov 2018

Le Corbusier said once, “Style is like a feather in a woman’s hat, nothing more.” When it comes to architecture he described it as “the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light”. Architecture is in general hard to define, according to the American architecture and writer Witold Rubczynski. Have you ever…

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By TheStyleFibula | 06 Nov 2018

In the autumn of 1977 Soviet brands of vodka including Moscow Special, Stolichnaya, Limonnaya and others suddenly became a subject to discrimination in foreign markets. The reason behind it was a number of foreign firms, both European and American, which began to claim the exclusive right to use the name “vodka” for their product, with…

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By TheStyleFibula | 05 Nov 2018

The AI assistance, which once started with telling us the weather and timing our eggs while they cook, is now breaking into our linguistic zone. Soon we could be able to communicate in every language on Earth with certain limitations found in Esperanto. In past 18 months Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have seriously advanced…

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The Real Identity of Digital Lil Miquela

By TheStyleFibula | 01 May 2018

Simulacrum of the Simulacra: hybrid of Barbie, avatar & cyborg In 2016 the Instagram-space was hit by Lil Miquela (usually called Miquela), who is a Brazilian American computer-generated model and music artist [“Not Mine” has attracted 397 635 views on] from Downey, California. She has over one million followers on Instagram and some of…

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