Instagram Scandal – A Threat to the Heterogeneity

Instagram is the second reality of the fashion world today. It is also a strong marketing tool, where everything might start and also fall. The most vulnerable part of it is the consumer who gets directly affected by any changes.

The morning scandal around Miroslava Duma’s post with a personal message from her friend has suddenly brought crisis management into the limelight.

After the Weinstein scandal, where a certain pattern of behavior has ruined the moral character of the individual, what also made his business irrecoverable, we are witnessing a new crisis. It is a crisis of a personal brand, which has been built with a great effort and strong character wrapped in a miracle of a marketing strategy. And it has merely required an Instagram-post to jeopardise the brand and question the person six years back in time.

Suddenly, the fashion world becomes a battlefield with “rasists” and “homophobes” standing on Duma’s side and the “knights of morality” ones going against her. Everyone of us becomes personally engaged into the scandal having an illusion of a strong opinion on the issue – either for or against it. We are following the stream, while Duma & Co creating a new strategy by relying on the crisis management.

The first steps have already been taken. First of all Mira Duma has taken responsibility by releasing a new apology-post on her personal Instagram account and also in a statement provided exclusively to BoF and published on Instagram. It is her way to take control over the situation and to get the message visible.

The statement shows transparency and accountability from her side and gets her ahead of the story. In the light of the social media backlash she managed to stay “human” by admitting own mistakes and avoiding any knee-jerk reaction, what is crucially important for any brand in crisis. BoF are a strong ally for Duma now, even though they sound very neutral. However, they also taking a risk to be affected. If the scandal will escalate they might be forced to choose side.

Thus, Instagram is like a Greek father in ancient times saying to his son “I made you and I kill you!” Meanwhile, the users (consumers) are turning into crowd within that reality and their individual psychology becomes a social one at the same time. In other words, heterogeneous elements become combined into a group building a body – “collective mind” with no ability of independent critical thinking and thus very vulnerable. The brand Duma will either survive or die. But what happens to the masses? Will they be able to return to their original heterogeneous state?

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