Luxurious Sustainability

These days, when fast fashion has become speed-blinded in its endless attempts to meet our desires and exceed the selling numbers of the previous quarter, we finally raise the issue of sustainability. Thus we start realising how much we need to understand about our consumption and learn about all its effects on our planet. What is next?

Unsastainable consumption

Unsustainable consumption

I do believe in possibility to tame our consumption, starting on individual level, and put it in a strict frame by means of luxury and style. It can be achieved by spreading knowledge about the phenomenon of consumption and its effects on both individual and global levels and educating consumers on the issue of luxury, where quality, sustainability and industrial development go hand in hand. It is also about aesthetic values, which help each individual to create his/her own unique vision of him-/herself and thus find its own stylistic voice. Such things provide an understanding of the issue on the deep level and create a tool that would affect the need of consumption by limiting it to a specific circle of values inherent to a certain individual or a group of people.

Without doubt, sustainability is a luxury, but we should remember the greedy pays twice.

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I believe when knowledge meets passion they can do a lot for a person, making the person pass it on to the people around one and this is how, I think, any changes in the world take place.