Sustainability of Living Heritage

By TheStyleFibula | 05 Jul 2017

In the heart of Valetta, the city which once was found by the Knights of the St John’s Order of Jerusalem, there is a beautiful 16th Century palace called Casa Rocca Piccola owned by a Maltese Noble family. The head of the family is the 9th Marquis de Piro, who lives in the palace with…

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The Simplicity of Roman Elegance

By TheStyleFibula | 29 Jun 2017

In 1881 an important archaeological site was accidentally discovered in a small town called Rabat and situated outside the gates of the old capital of Malta, Mdina. The discovery revealed outstanding Roman remains from the ancient city of Melite with some ruins, what must have been a sumptuous Roman house belonging to the first century…

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Behind The Film Scene of the 1910s

By TheStyleFibula | 27 Jun 2017

The Mediterranean climate and relaxing atmosphere brought my thoughts into the Dream Factory. Therefore I have a desire to share few words about fashion in connection with the film history in Hollywood. Between 1905 and 1915 film actors were required to supply their own garments for film. However, it didn’t directly mean lack of interest…

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The Art of The Bookstore

By TheStyleFibula | 26 Jun 2017

Yesterday I was desperately looking for a bookstore with the official name “Island Books Malta” here in Gozo, which according to Facebook would have some older copies available. After walking through long streets with the sun at its peak, I could finally find the place. In Triq Birbuba in Gharb, village at the westernmost point…

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The “Antichrist of painting”

By TheStyleFibula | 20 Jun 2017

Three days on Gozo have made me ready for a date with no one else but Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571 – 1610). Tomorrow, if everything goes according to the plan, I will with my own eyes behold his ‘Beheading of St John the Baptist’, which he painted while settled on Malta. To Malta he…

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Lost in Taste

By TheStyleFibula | 19 Jun 2017

We are always talking about a “good” or “bad” taste, without giving any thought to the anthropological nature of the concept of taste. Nevertheless, taste has originally pure biological routes connected to human physiology, where both disgust and aversion have developed as a part of the evolution in association with something inedible. Human beings have…

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The Invention of the Modern Mega-artist

By TheStyleFibula | 16 Jun 2017

While looking for information on Yves Saint Laurent, I came across an artist called Bernard Buffet (1928-1999), whose fame at his 21 in 1949 was compared to Picasso’s. He was together with Pierre Bergé, before the latter left him for with Yves Saint Laurent. A man of great talent and one of the best post-war…

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The Hermitage – the “Window on Europe” of Fashion

By TheStyleFibula | 14 Jun 2017

It has been a while since every girl around the world through Carry Bradshaw discovered who Manolo Blahnik was or sooner what he was brilliant at – high-end women’s footwear. Today his talent has also got a high acknowledgement from the art word and his exhibition Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes is accommodated by…

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Sustainable Value in the Knowledge of Textile

By TheStyleFibula | 12 Jun 2017

Yesterday, I listened to trend forecaster Li Edelkoort’s talk from December, where she talked about her Anti-Fashion Manifesto at VOICES, Business of Fashion’s annual gathering for big thinkers. The main message is that the fashion system is broken, what makes fashion become old fashioned. However, below I would like to discuss one of the 10…

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