Sustainability of Living Heritage

In the heart of Valetta, the city which once was found by the Knights of the St John’s Order of Jerusalem, there is a beautiful 16th Century palace called Casa Rocca Piccola owned by a Maltese Noble family. The head of the family is the 9th Marquis de Piro, who lives in the palace with his wife.

Casa Rocca Piccola’s tourist entrance.

Their home has partly been turned into a living museum, where visitors can travel in time through the family’s incredible history which also a history of Malta. Each piece of the interior speaks its own story, the portable chapel, the chandelier of Bohemia Crystal and the last surgery kit of the Knights of the Order.

Chandelier of Bohemia Crystal made for wax candles

The last surgery kit of the Knights of the Order.

When entering the palace, you literally entering a time machine, driven by a genuinely interested guide, who takes you through different epochs of the European history, including the coronation ceremony of the Queen of England, the Second World War, when the Church of St. Catherine of Italy in front of palace saved the latter from bombing.

A personal invitation for Baron’s father and mother to the coronation of Elizabeth II

There is also a costume collection which unfortunately is not available to the public

The library.

The summer dining room, where Art Deco got the starring with its boldly shaped windows and silver swans floating on the white tablecloth among the scintillating table decor.

Table decoration

Art Decor-window

Outside the windows there’s a beautiful inner courtyard with its own inhabitants, an extremely polite parrot Kiku and two life-enjoying turtles.


One of the turtles

The experience of visiting is incredible, because you can follow the history while it is still alive, still there giving you all the answers straight away.

A collection of the 18th Century fans.

Female family member

A collection of chess

You see fashion, art, architecture dancing through the epochs and taking something to the next one. I looked at the dressing table and saw one of the family’s women brush her hair and dotting a perfume on her small wrists.

A portrait

A dressing table

You see the process and feel that you’re a part of it. It is all about sustainability, rationality and love for future generations by maintaining the past.

Bomb shelter which protected both the family and the locals.

Bomb shelter

I think that one of the secrets of creating innovative future is in gaining a deep knowledge about our past. Casa Rocca Piccola has already made a huge step in making it happen by sharing their own living heritage.

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