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Give It The Whole Nine Yards

  Do you remember the Leopard-Print Niqab by Jeremy Scott 2013 inspired by the Arabic spring 2011? That was exactly what I was thinking about this morning, so I did my own interpretation of the seemingly chaotic mix of pattern, texture and silhouette by choosing the leopard-print calf-long skirt of cotton mixed with the woolen…

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Puzzling together an outfit

Putting together an outfit is like making a puzzle, where all the pieces should end up in the right place in order to create the perfect combination. However, while you making a puzzle you already know what details you are looking for as the result is usually illustrated on the box. While you combining an outfit, you have the “gut”-feeling to rely on…

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Springtime lore of daffodils

Spring is an inspiring time of the year, when nature awakens, and so does one’s own wardrobe. All of a sudden you start seeing your well-acquainted garments in a new light, what also gives rise to new combinations and style experiments. Just be courageous…

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