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Anarchy or Democracy?

In February 2017 Dior’s revolutionary ”New Look” turns seventy. A lot has changed since then, starting from the structure of fashion system and ending by the fundamental values of sustainability. Haute couture has left its luxury throne and moved over to the art section. Anti-fashion has become a new fashion direction, where both genders, all…

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Psychology of Wardrobe

What is personal style? What does it say about you? For me it is my own signature and my reaction against mass society. By looking for, creating, improving and modifying  our personal style we rediscover our individuality.   Every new combination of dress I try on makes me discover a new aspect of my personality.…

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Dare to wear a hat!

Do not know what to wear? Wear a hat!? You have nothing to lose but your head?? There is a hat to suit every head.? Just make sure your hat fits as a hat should be comfortable. Did you know that Princess Grace’s choice of hats often made headlines? However, some palace insiders thought that…

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