Day in and day out we are talking and reading about trends. In the 80’s and 90’s we connected those to statistics and economics but today we first of all associate the word trend with fashion. The word as such comes from Middle English and Old German, where it meant “to spin”, “to turn” or “to revolve”.

Carl Lagercrantz, Everything lasts forever until there is nothing left, Stockholm 2016. Oil on canvas

Trend shows a direction towards which all the physical and aesthetic changes in culture are expected to move. It is in other words a kind of tool to indicate, where all the changes are to be expected and what factors will determine those changes. At the same time trend as such is not the part of the process but only a forecast.

Diana Vreeland, photographed by Horst P. Horst, 1979. Source: Google

The process starts by so called innovators, such as Diane Vreeland once was by bringing fashion to the museums and turning the Museology to a Fashionology, giving fashion its cultural status in society.

Self-portrait, 1875 – Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne was one of the innovators who laid foundation of the transition of the 19th century art into the 20th century by bringing Impressionism into Cubism.

Bauhaus 1919-1933. Source: Google

Bauhaus art school which started soon after the First World War in 1919 and had to close down due to suppression from the Nazi was an indubitable innovator which gave us everything from the metallic tea pot to the bare radiator. Vetements are a design collective with innovative ideas, which bring the Soviet “fashion” into a new dimension of the catwalk.

Vetements 2016. Source: Google

Thus, trends are not merely about fashion as such or any colour or cut. They concern global processes which cause changes to different spheres of our lives.

Carl Lagercrantz, Scale 1:1, 2016. Drawing

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